Essential Software Products For Uni Students

The higher-education landscape has evolved over recent years, and technology is now crucial for
students that want to make the most out of their university experience.

If you’re planning on enrolling in September, then read on to check out a selection of software products that can enhance your studies and make it easier for you to find and retain information.

Microsoft Office

It might sound obvious, but if your laptop, tablet or smartphone doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed already, then you need to download it. The suite of programmes, which includes Word, Excel, Outlook and more, are crucial for your studies and knowing how to use them will benefit you throughout your life. Students can get Office 365 for free, so you don’t have to worry about paying hefty subscription fees to enjoy the use of these vital programmes.


As a student, you’ll probably have loads of junk files and old notes clogging up your computer and hard drives. Having unwanted, unused files on your device can impair its performance, leaving you with a slow computer that needs rebooting more often. As most of your work will be undertaken on your computer, you need to make sure that it is performing at its best. Ccleaner can help you to quickly clean up your computer and rid it of unrequired files. It can also keep your software products updated so that they are secure and function as they’re supposed to so that you can carry on with your work free from irritating lag and update interruptions.


For quick note-taking, Evernote is the ideal software solution. It has an engaging interface, easy-to- use features and great archiving, so you can quickly find the information you need when you’re writing essays. The app is available on smartphones as well as computers, so you can quickly whip out your phone and take notes if you forget to bring your laptop to your lecture. It is easy to find your notes when you’re done, so you’ll always be able to re-read your jottings and remember the important facts even long after the lecture is over.


If note-taking isn’t your style, but you need to transfer your lecturer’s words into written text, then Transcribe might be the perfect solution for you. It turns audio into text and has a selection of additional features to make the transcription process easy and hassle-free. Transcribe has many positive reviews and offers accurate transcription, so you don’t have to go through the laborious process of writing out every set of notes. The solution is also ideal for students who are conducting interviews for research papers, as you don’t have to manually transcribe every interview and can get on with the important work of writing up your thesis and proving your hypothesis.


With so much pressure to perform and lots of coursework to keep you busy, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at university. Your mental health is crucial to your physical wellbeing and academic performance, so you need to keep yourself in top condition mentally. Headspace is a wellness app that guides you through a selection of soothing meditations. There’s a meditation on Headspace to suit any student, whether you’re having trouble sleeping, struggling to disconnect from uni work or just plain stressed. Use the app to improve your mental health and get yourself on track towards the academic success and enjoyable university experience you’ve always wanted. There are many different software solutions on the market, some specifically targeted at students and others which just have useful features that could make studying easier. This list should give you some inspiration, but with new solutions being developed and released all the time, you need to stay aware. Ask your friends and fellow students for suggestions to find the time-saving apps and software solutions you need to succeed at university.

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